Hi, I’m Rosemary Monreau. Welcome to my site!

My mission is to help people find fulfillment in their lives by first becoming free from modern distractions, and secondly by learning to live debt-free. You will find ways of overcoming stubborn habits that keep you from living out your potential, and set boundaries that safeguard you from becoming overextended. You’ll be able to set realistic goals that allow you to become debt-free (not based on financial planning suggestions but on discovering the root causes that keep one in debt). You’ll be able to lead a full and meaningful life, and rediscover your passion and the joy it brings you. The principles I use are based on Christian values, which can nevertheless be applied by anyone regardless of one’s beliefs.

Former flight attendant and aid worker, I am a freelance writer, English language instructor, and mentor; I am at home in Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

I have been exposed to the rich experiences of others that provided platforms for profound discussions and dialogue, along with unique opportunities for understanding and respecting other cultures and religions in addition to my own.

I obtained my Master in Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

As a grandmother I enjoy creating stories for my most captive audience, my grandchildren.

I published Hijacked! Idols in Disguise and am working on another manuscript: Enough! Break the Shackles of Debt. Financial struggles triggered an epiphany that ushered freedom from debt. I avidly campaign for others to find their own way to financial autonomy.

Through speaking engagements, seminars and workshops, I help people live out their potential.
Contact me to book one of my workshops in your community or church.


Check out my travel and culture blog, a bohemian’s tale of cultural living impressions


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