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Live debt-free: Recreation and Leisure Time

Debt-reduction plans will really only succeed when coupled with recreational activities. When you tighten your financial belt, put your nose to the grind and start applying yourself to getting out of debt, you may quickly lose steam if you don’t factor in a healthy dose of recreation and leisure time. In other words, it should

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Live debt-free: How Bad is Household Debt Really?

I mentioned in a previous post that Canadians and Americans spend about $1.64 for every dollar they earn. The biggest expense is housing, followed by student loans, car loans, furniture, vacation, and everything in-between. Here are some interesting contributing factors. According to The Economist’s article of June 2013, ” . . . household debt for

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Live debt-free: The Money Pit

Setting a budget and a desire to get out of debt are important, however it takes uncovering and addressing the root cause of indebtedness to truly break free from a cycle of debt. I struggled to find a way out. I’m sure you can relate. I had this longing to break free from that insatiable

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