Enough! Break the Shackles of Debt

Road-map to getting out and staying out of debt


Have you ever been on a diet, only to end up utterly frustrated at the yo-yo effect? Every time you lost a few pounds and seemed to make headway, bang! The pounds came back. Or have you been on an exercise program, where you started full of enthusiasm and resolve that this time you were going to become as fit as a fiddle, only to have to admit defeat?

The subject of finances is equally plagued with frustrating results. Here we have three mantras: budget, save and invest. Unfortunately for most of us, the word budget conjures up a prison-like existence, where we fear we won’t be able to do the things we would like to. Financial planning, investment and how to become debt-free resources offer the promise of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For many though, it just doesn’t seem to work.

I’m proposing a different perspective and approach to the issue. Will it be to be a walk in the park? No! I’d be lying if I said it would be. It still takes personal desire, resolve and perseverance to become truly debt-free for life. How is my proposition different? I’ve lived it. I was 60 with nothing to show for. After many trials and research I finally succeeded at becoming debt-free. The key that unlocked freedom from debt was discovering the root cause!

Because faith in God was the catalyst, I apply biblical principles to my approach to financial freedom. Nevertheless, one doesn’t have to be a Christian to apply these principles and succeed.

Now, I invite you to embark on a journey to freedom from the never-ending debt cycle and discouragement. Take the free Debt Self-Assessment by downloading the form below, and discover what root causes might be holding you captive to debt. Let’s get out of that prison!

Download the Debt Self-Assessment Form

Click on the link below and start a new chapter in your life. Once you have completed and scored the assessment, continue to the next free download: “7 Root Causes that Keep People Enslaved to Debt” to narrow down the problem area(s). When you’re ready to continue, you will gain access to resources that will help you along, as they become available.

Download the 7 Root Causes that Keep People Enslaved to Debt

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