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Attitudes Toward Money

I vividly remember being continually worried whether or not I’d have enough money to make ends meet, and to pay bills in a timely manner. My stress and anxiety increased as the month progressed. No matter how much I wanted to trust God, in whom I believe and His promises of taking care of His

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The Money Pit

Setting a budget and a desire to get out of debt are important, however it takes uncovering and addressing the root cause of indebtedness to truly break free from a cycle of debt. I struggled to find a way out. I’m sure you can relate. I had this longing to break free from that insatiable

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Overcoming by Faith and Grace

God’s armour, His protection, His strength are ours when we choose to serve and obey Him. It requires our single-mindedness and determination in the face of temptation and distraction, a knowledge of and belief in Jesus’ promises that He carries the yoke with us and that His yoke is light, and that He “will never

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