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Live debt-free: Recreation and Leisure Time

Debt-reduction plans will really only succeed when coupled with recreational activities. When you tighten your financial belt, put your nose to the grind and start applying yourself to getting out of debt, you may quickly lose steam if you don’t factor in a healthy dose of recreation and leisure time. In other words, it should

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Live debt-free: Your Credit Standing

In my previous post, Peeling the Onion, I introduced the idea of ‘building blocks’. These building blocks form the foundation to breaking the shackles of debt and are completed by following a series of steps. Credit Standing is another building block. This building block is very important; resist the temptation of skipping it. This may

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Live debt-free: Under-earning as a Cause of Debt

When two members of a Debtors Anonymous support group met with me to go over my financials and see where I could cut costs, they discovered I had already trimmed expenses to the bone and there was nothing left to shave off. The conclusion was that I was under-earning and needed to find work with

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Live debt-free: Peeling the Onion

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book Enough! Break the Shackles of Debt. It offers a snippet into the exploration of the root cause(s) of personal debt. Peeling the Onion Travelling back in time may not be an easy or painless task and as the layers are peeled back, the root or, cause

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Live debt-free: Barter as Tool for Debt-reduction

You may think this a silly option in the 21st Century, on the contrary. In my own experience with debt (as mentioned in previous posts) and my quest to pay off these debts, I wrote the department stores where I held credit cards with a brief proposal. I explained my financial situation. If you choose

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