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Overcoming by Faith and Grace

God’s armour, His protection, His strength are ours when we choose to serve and obey Him. It requires our single-mindedness and determination in the face of temptation and distraction, a knowledge of and belief in Jesus’ promises that He carries the yoke with us and that His yoke is light, and that He “will never

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Occult Practices and Syncretism in Christian Circles

It is not uncommon to find Christians who believe in reincarnation and mix Christian beliefs with occult Eastern philosophies present in Hinduism. Because New Age has successfully insinuated itself into Christianity through innocuous and Christian-sounding theories, it is leading a growing number of Christians astray. Yoga, which is based on hatha yoga, an ancient Hindu

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Naming the Idol(s)

Anything or anyone is a potential idol the moment it diverts our affection from God. And, deep down, none of us desires to suffer bondage and intentionally act against the will of our Lord. To avert the danger of something or someone becoming an idol, and to slay any idol that besets us, we must

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The Bonds of Idolatry

  It may be quite depressing to investigate the many idols the Enemy uses to entice Christians into distraction. But let’s take heart; there is hope and freedom from the bonds of idolatry. It takes a diagnosis of our spiritual health before we can deal with the disease and be healed. If we don’t name

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